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You won’t find a huge number of listings, a team of realtors, or cryptic awards here. Instead, you’ll meet a hard-working Realtor® who is focused on providing classic excellent service.

I never have too many listings – my selling effort is not diverted by a large inventory. I’ve never tried to represent “too many” clients at one time. Additional listings may represent additional commissions for an agent, but they also place greater claims on the agent’s time and energy, which in turn can have adverse sales performance consequences for their clients. The dilution of agent effort and agency costs by very large numbers of listings adversely affects home prices and time on the market.

I personally view properties with buyers and never delegate them to a “junior agent”, a very common situation purchaser can encounter while working with a real estate team. The buyers get my entire 22-year real estate experience. In addition, working personally with buyers gives me an excellent insight into the market. As opposed to the “listing agents” I actually view properties and know which ones are selling.

In summary, you wouldn’t get a flashy agent who is the leader of a team consisting of numerous rookies. You wouldn’t get a Realtor® who takes all listings no matter the asking price. Instead, you will get a Realtor® who is devoted to his client’s needs and who has the time to personally deal with every listing. Over the course of my 22 years of real estate experience, I have learned that glossy magazines and state of the art marketing don’t sell houses. They promote the Realtor®. Instead, the crucial factors are professionally done photos, attractive description of the property and, most importantly, the correct asking price. When dealing with clients I am honest and straightforward in my assessments. I’ve never told my clients what they want to hear. I’m not an entertainer. In fact, I can be boring sometimes. However, buying or selling a house is one of life’s biggest and most important transactions, and I believe that you deserve to deal with a Realtor® who will utilize years of real estate experience and intimate familiarity with the housing market, rather than a Realtor® who will tell you what you want to hear and to delegate you to an inexperienced “junior agent”.

If all of the above speaks to you in a positive way, please interview me. If we’re not a match you can always say “NO” to me. 


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