Peter's story


Two decades ago, Peter left Poland with nothing but a suitcase and boundless high hopes. He knew that if he could find the right place to settle down, work hard and raise a family, success would surely follow. He was right - though finding just the right place to put roots proved to be a matter of perseverance. Peter spent several years as a successful entrepreneur in Munich, Germany and then Vancouver, Canada, learning the fine art of business and negotiation by dealing with people from background as varied as his own. The skills he picked up were invaluable, but Peter yearned to live in a place that shared both his cosmopolitan outlook and his tireless work ethic; a place where he could contribute, but also where he could belong. That place turned to be Calgary.

As soon as he arrived, Peter knew he had found his home in this great city. And just as he expected, his hard work and integrity helped him establish a successful real estate business that has thrived and grown over the years. Peter's international background makes him a natural for dealing with people from all walks of life. As a former outsider who has been welcomed to the Calgary community with open arms, Peter still cherishes one feeling above all others; when he gets to shake your hand, pass you the keys, and utter his favourite phrase, "Welcome to the neighbourhood". So if you and Peter cross paths, be prepared for just one question: What is your destination? Just say the word, and Peter will go the distance for you.

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