WELCOME TO HomeGuy.ca!


Modern Methods. Timeless Values.

Out of  a new generation of real estate professionals Peter Kusch has emerged as a man with a combination of traits - someone who brings together a modern understanding of the market with the traditional values of determination and trustworthiness. He knows how to use modern tools like the Internet to communicate effectively with buyers and sellers; and he knows, too, that technology is no substitute for hard work. 


Fresh Approach.

For someone with an old-school work ethic, Peter has a refreshingly modern attitude towards real estate. For example, he listens. Peter does not assume he knows what you need. He gets to know you, learns what you and your family expect and hope for, and applies his expert knowledge to give you the best information and advice.

As a husband and father of two, Peter understands what a home is. His family serves as a source of stability and a reminder that real estate is a long-term proposition; your family, like Peter's, needs a home that will grow with them for many years to come.

And if you need to get in touch with Peter, you will find you can reach him by cell just about all the time. You can call him right now, if you like, and ask him for some free advice. Go on. He really doesn't mind.


Careful With Your Money.

The value of dollar is something Peter learned a long time ago, when he had fewer of them than he has now. And even though Peter has made a comfortable life for his family here in Canada, he still believes in thrift, careful accounting, and delivering value for your money. He knows the key to value in real estate is patience: waiting for the right property at the right price, and then negotiating a fair deal on behalf of his client. Peter would not live in a home that was not a great investment, and he wants nothing less for his clients.

If you are ready to benefit by a new level of service, one that informs, without intimidating; one that guides, without pushing, contact Peter Kusch to experience the difference.